Saturday, May 06, 2006

10 New Things

Just got this from one of my fren's blog. Wanted to give it a try:

10 new things

[1] New job?
Nope, just been here for 4 months. Maybe for another 3-4 years, yes.

[2] New addiction?
Notebook, IBM DB2 UDB, Amy Lee (again?) and World Cup

[3] New addition to album collection?
Not interested in collecting since the pirated ones hard to find nowadays. haha!

[3] New app development thingy interest?
Hate programming

[4] New crush?
Amy Lee

[5] New gadget?
Trying not to have any for this while.
Rechargeable batteries and its charger - is it considered gadgets?

[6] New profound admiration for someone?
Ayah - he's simply a great guy ever. Recently he got an internal award from his employer.

[7] New fear factor?
Dentist - had a toothache recently

[8] New picked-it-up-again routines?
Had to stay back late in office this week. Got tones of workload there

[9] New vcd acquired?
Sekarang DVD mehh.. None, dah lama tak pegi Sg Wang

[10] New wardrobe/footwear/handbags/accessories?
By next month, maybe shoes.
Sindrom claim dah masuk.

After composing this post, I figure out that my English's so terrible. haha

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