Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I miss my previous job

Darn! Been like decades since the last post was posted. Too busy maybe?
I was about to find for myself a notebook when somehow I realized how much I love my previous job. It's complicated but... urghh... hopefully someday I could do those thing again... err... or maybe I could only dreaming to become one again :(
I miss that 10kilos lappie I used to carried around to do my work, I miss that control room with a lot of big screens inside it, I miss the people there, I miss that small desk that I usually sat to do my work, I miss that pingpong table there and most importantly I miss that black screens I used to had difficulties to used to it. I miss every single moment there, every single things there and felt like as if I just leave HTP yesterday... and suddenly I hate my current job...

But then life must goes on bro! Slowly lah, trying my best in whatever I do.
Sempena hari yang 'kerinduan' ni, aku post some pix yang potray part of my previous job.

logon ke dalam sistem sebagai Database Admin

reload data mengikut table partition dalam database

ambil source data, and import sebagai fail 'sysrec' sebagai input utk next data loading

load data pakai offline method (dari backup tape) guna tool DSNUPROC

dapatkan structure table, import sebagai 'syspunch' utk create table baru dgn structure table yang sama

drop table index statement success

job utk load data masuk dlm table. main table biasenye amik 4-5 jam utk load completion

ada 450,015 org rakyat malaysia sebaya dengan aku

ada 1,165 org rakyat malaysia lahir pada tarikh 27 januari 1981

nama aku dalam database rakyat malaysia

"Dear DB2 Administrator......." I really missed that call name I used to be called. Darn!

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