Thursday, August 21, 2008

That stories again?

I tends to be so quiet when my "service clique" having a teh tarik session and telling all the stories from their offices. One is telling about their nasty bosses, another is telling that their jobs are sucks or whether how their officemate is just so sickening them to death. It's passed office hour already and all we had is just work matter stories?

I'm so impressed by some of my clique who takes office politics so serious till it makes that person having all the messes with all the people around him (might be he's the one who is already and seriously messed out). Every single action seems so wrong, nothing to be right for him. And all he does when he posted something in our Google Group is just his disappointment with his bosses and the ppl around him.

There's also another type who love so much telling every single thing regarding their job. How good they are, how they do this and that, how their office are doing currently and even what are the things they've been doing in the office today. That kind of stories make u just sit and hear until the stories end (if got lucky enough, the stories will continue till you need for another cup of the tarik).

Maybe I’m the one who cannot resist such stories all the time, but sometime to follow the flow of the stories it might be fun and amusing (it makes me remembered how great Heikal KKR and Padel KTAK in turning an unwanted stories like this into something funny and makes me laugh to death). Good strategies then.

Maybe I’m not that kind of person, that’s why I’m writing this and maybe stories from office is just so sickening me. Or maybe I’m the one who just so sickening to some other ppl by writing something silly like this.

So many probability and it leaves no room for facts.

Then let me tell some fact here. I got Band 4 in my MUET Test session 1/2008 recently and out of the four papers, Writing is the lowest mark I got with Band 2. Other papers are just OK or excellence with Band 4, 5 and 6.

So people, please forgive my written English here! ;)

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