Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fear it

i miss my family; my wife n the little princess... suddenly that feeling struck into me while i was on duty for 2 weeks helping my other clique in organizing PTK. thanks to technology, picture of salsabeela in my phone help me to fill that empty feeling.


i manage to see that human capabilities can go beyond further if they want to. during a period where time is so limited as well as resources, and the pressure is so strong, we tend to push ourself for reaching the best in us. for sure there are conditions which are; good mind and effort as well as know our greatest fear.

in this experience, i found out that our greatest fear is OURSELF. at first, it's hard to believe the fact but i manage to realized it from one of my dear friend. fear were there as things we do not used to confront with is occurring or we ourself have to go through that hard time. that unusual climate may make us uncomfortable and people with wrong attitude may give millions of excuses. later, body will start to feel uneasy and their mind will tell them they cannot go through it. i believe that only with strong will, high confident and countless effort could help.. along with doa and tawakkal. in fact, these winning behavior are relevant in many more situation.

peace of mind is rather impossible and hard to achieve inline with less occurrence of the situation. me myself knew that my brain works better during that state of mind. even better, nobody could get it if u knew u are not well prepared!

in short, we all could barely do everything we intended to do. just say it in your mind. it's mind power. (hmm... i wonder when could i finish reading the books regarding mind power which i bought last year from INTAN)

i may writing this because i've seen ppl sat for PTK course during this 2 weeks or maybe simply because i have to sit for my PTK exam next week. haha!

PTK is here to stay despite CUEPECS petition to abolish it. it may be unfair according to certain group, but it is the best system so far. live with it.

the application slip

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