Saturday, April 18, 2009

Really, seriously

i'm no good at handling critical situation. at home or at office. all those 'cool'ness went missing and i become lost and later be a loser. indecisive? maybe. not-that-smart is probably the term to describe.

maybe i was dreaming being at a world where other ppl think and react as i am. i imagined ppl would reach my own deep feeling as i'm trying very best to do the same at them. i might want the world is simple wherebut there is always cruelty and injustice. maybe i was so naive and so typically Adli instead of whom i should be, at the office or at home.

ppl are judging the others so quickly and so unfairly that i was so stupid to believe that other ppl would do the same fairly things done to them beforehand.

silly me,the world are changing while i'm not. oh, world. silly me, other ppl are taking advantages out of me while i sort out things in proper priorities for better result. silly me to believe the world are full with decent and ppl with empathy when there is almost none.

gosh, i need a break. really, seriously.


deqan said...

hmm.. tensi jer bunyi nyer

Adli said...

tensi tu perasaan plg last. first rasa geram, terasa nak lempang & nak gigit je. blog je la tempat meluah perasaan ;)

eh, baby kembar sihat?